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WIN. August 3, 2011

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Sometimes the brilliance of some AMAZES me. ❤







“I Wanna Really, Really, Really Wanna Zigazig ha…” July 30, 2011

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Day 47 wants

#1-I want a volks wagon beetle convertable.

I’ve wanted this car since I was 10.

#2- I want a relationship

Not gonna go into it,

#3-I want there to be a cure to cancer.

There’s only so long we can stay strong for…it’s not fair.

#4-I want to be famous

I don’t know how/why, but I will be famous some day.

#5-I want to play the drums

I love the drums. I keep asking but the answers always no.

#6-I want to make a difference.

I want to create my own way to give back.

#7-I want a salt water fish tank

They’re so much better than fresh water ones.


“Wannabe” by The Spice Girls


“So Young to Seem Such a Mess…” July 28, 2011

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Day 3eight fears

#1 I’m terrified of the dark. 

Always have been and always will.

#2 I’m afraid my cancer’s going to come back.

Who wouldn’t be?

#3 I’m afraid I’m going to lose my friends when I go to college.

I love my high school friends. I’m afraid they will forget me.

#4 I’m afraid of the world coming to an end.

I don’t believe it, but it scares me.

#5 I’m afraid of big trucks.

I  freak when they drive near me.

#6 I’m afraid to be alone.

I hate the feeling.

#7 I’m afraid of camping.

I’m scared of bigfoot coming to get me.

#8 I’m afraid of leaving home.

I’m so excited, yet terrified.


“When Did We Lose Ourselves?” by The Bigger Lights


“Some Things Are Meant to be, So Give Your Best and Leave it All to Me.” July 27, 2011

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Meet Spiderman!

Just kidding, her name’s Carly and she’s one of my best friends.

Carly and I first met in the 7th grade when we played softball together. Our team ended up taking first place, but we never spoke again until sophomore year chemistry class with Mr. Thomas(aka Mr. Dumbass). That class was absolutly the WORST thing ever, but between us and Ryleigh, we managed to make the best of it. I’m pretty sure the first few weeks of that class though she thought I was the strangest person ever, but then I think she just realized I’m unique.

Carly is the type of friend you can tell anything to, and she won’t judge you for it. I can honestly tell this girl everything and will complain for hours about something gone wrong. Whether it’s the same thing over and over again, or a story I desperatly need to tell her, she’s always there to answer the call. I often find myself visiting her at stop and shop keeping her from doing what she should be doing. I go down to keep her company and we have little date picnics with On the Border chips and flower center pieces. Carly and I have become extremely close these past two years, she always got my back in any situation and I’m glad to call her such a close friend. I can’t thank her enough for all the times she’d take two sets of notes in History when I was out getting chemo, then hand deliver them to my house with flowers. I’ll never forget that class mostly just because of the conversations between us and Morrisey all year. She’s a pretty awesome chick with some awesome clothes that I’m jealous of. Even when she chased a bunny out her door and broke her ankle, she still found some way to pull off the boot-look. As well as Reggie on 90’s television show day (even though Ellie yelled at her for having a skateboard in the elevator.)

Carly and I are complete opposites, but yet we have so much in common. I feel like all the situations we run into together just form our friendship and make it great. I can’t even count on two hands all the times we’ve had full on laughing fits about the most random stuff. We go on random night adventures, ditch class to go to dunks, and eat a lot together, but it’s okay because she is one of my best friends.

Carly-I’m gonna miss you so much next year, but I know come breaks/summer, we’ll have just as much fun as always!!

                         Love Always,

                                     McWeeneyyyyyyy 🙂

Leave it All to Me” by: Miranda Cosgrove

(yes-I used the iCarly theme song)



“Let’s Play a LoveGame…”

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Day 29 loves


I love my hair. 

Despite all it’s been through, I love hair. It’s who I am.


I love my best friends. 

I can’t even name them all right now…Am. Bm. Dd. Cs. Mc. Ap. Cs. Sn. St. Bb. Lj. Hb. Bm. Ml. AND SO MANY MORE.


I love lime green.

I’ve always liked the color for it’s brightness and ability to stand out in a crowd. Now, I’ve  found a new way to stand out as a CANCER SURVIVOR with lime green-my ribbon color.


I love whales.

Beautiful, gentle animals, so please save the whales.


The All-American Rejects

I’m a true reject. Love them so much.


I love being the center of attention

I’m loud, crazy, sometimes funny, and I love an audience. I just love when it’s my moment to shine.


I love the Theatre

Whether it’s singing or acting, I love being onstage and in the spotlight in a costume.


I love North Shore Skating Club

I’ve been skating there for over 15 years and I have found a place to call home. It’s hard to say good bye to them. This video sums up my love for them….

LoveGame” By: Lady GaGa



“Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?” July 25, 2011

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Day 1 10 secrets

#1. I LOVE pickles.

May sound silly and random, but I absolutly LOVE pickles. Fried to be exact.

#2. I’m extremely self conscious.

I am always concerned about what people may be thinking or saying behind my back.

#3. I still have a little kids room.

Granted, I’ve matured, but I still have all my dolls and stuffed animals in here.

#4. I have an interest in the paranormal.

I’m still afraid of ghosts, but I do believe in the afterlife.

#5. I can bake.

I’m actually a very good baker. I do it whenever I’m bored. I love combining art as well.

#6. I suffer from depression.

Not many people know that I actually suffer from diagnosed depression. 

#7. I can’t dance.

Alright, not really a secret, but I can’t dance for my life.

#8. I’m paranoid.

I freak about everything.

#9. I love classical music.

I’m normally listening to loud music, but I love classical. It’s beautiful and calming.

#10. I will never be able to play the guitar or piano.



I’m double jointed in all my fingers and can’t move/bend them easily fast.

“Secret” by The Pierces




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“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They’re what make the instrument stretch-what make you go beyond the norm.”